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Now there are smart glasses for your
smart phone

Wouldn’t it be nice to have glasses at the ready whenever you need them? That’s what we thought.

So we invented Phone Friend.

Now reading a text or email is easy, plus:

  • Stay in the know on the go
  • Catch up on news headlines
  • Read your favourite blogs/magazine articles
  • Use your apps
  • Convenience of reading menus and price tags whilst out and about plus much more


Phone Friend is just the thing for you. This sleek attachment fits the smart phone and holds a slim line pair of glasses with lens strength to suit you. You’ll never need to look for your glasses again… Phone Friend is your friend that will stick with you wherever you go!

  • Your glasses are always right there when you pull out your phone
  • When you can’t find your glasses you just ring your phone
  • You’ll always be able to read your emails and texts
  • Protects your phone as well as your glasses