Picture this: You’re having the best nap of your life. COVID-19’s over, no one’s wearing masks anymore, you just got a promotion. You’re living the dream and suddenly....

Your mobile phone rings. It’s your boss, calling to inform you that you’re late to your zoom meeting with the company's biggest client. 

You stare intently at your computer screen, waiting for your eyes to focus. It’s at this point that you realise you’re not wearing your reading glasses. But... you can’t remember where you put them last.... And your vision is too blurry to find them.

You begin to forage through the usual places: the bedside table, the chest of drawers. No luck. “Sam, you right? We are waiting” your boss says in a troubled tone.

You’re in a real pickle, aren’t you? You can kiss that promotion goodbye.
If only there was a way to avoid this problem....



PhoneFriend brings you cleverly engineered, stylish, slim-hinged designer reading glasses and protective case that attaches to your phone using a 3M adhesive patch. To put it simply: where your phone goes, your reading glasses follow.


We’ve been losing our reading glasses since FOREVER. 

That’s when we stopped and thought: What’s the one thing that we never leave the house without? The one thing that never leaves the palm of our hand?

Our phones! If our phones are always with us, our glasses will be too! And so, PhoneFriend was born.

There’s nothing worse than running late for work and not being able to find your reading glasses or out at a restaurant and can’t read the menu.

Actually, this might top it: That sinking feeling when you're almost at work and realise you've left your reading glasses at home, but it's too late to go back for them.

Tired of squinting your way through life?
View our products and get FREE DELIVERY across Australia! 

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