The waiter approaches your table and asks what you’d like to order.

Your friend proceeds to rattle off her order while you glance down at the menu.... only to realise that you can’t see anything on it clearly. 

You mentally command your eyes to focus on the menu, trying to make the blurred words line up. No luck.

“Sir? Are you ready to order yet?” the waiter asks, impatiently. 

“Sure. Uh give me a second”

You begin to frantically search for your reading glasses. Where are the damn things anyway? You’ve already searched your right pocket three times, your left pocket four.

You just had them a few minutes ago!

“Is everything okay?’ asks your friend.

You nod while thinking to yourself, "This is not happening again.”

You clench your eyes as tightly shut as possible to focus on the menu, trying not to make eye contact with the concerned waiter (who, let’s be honest, thinks you’re having an episode by now.) 

Still, no luck.
 “I’ll have whatever she’s having,” you mumble sheepishly.
 As you chew the dry salad with fake enthusiasm, you ponder...
 If only you could always have your glasses with you, accessible everywhere you go.



Your solution to constantly losing your glasses.

PhoneFriend brings you cleverly engineered, stylish, slim-hinged designer reading glasses and protective case that attaches to your phone using a 3M adhesive patch. To put it simply: where your phone goes, your reading glasses follow.

Your phone already follows you everywhere you go (yes, even the bathroom). PhoneFriend is a revolutionary solution that combines your glasses case and your phone case without hindering your phone's functionality.

PhoneFriend reading glasses are chic, lightweight and slim and come in lenses strengths +1 to +3.5.

Order your pair and get FREE DELIVERY across Australia TODAY! 

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